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First aerobatic glider Fox in Lithuania, July 2017
 Pirmasis Lietuvoje akrobatinis sklandytuvas Fox Rojunu aerodrome 

AutoGyro Partner"s Conference and introduction of new gyrocopter MTOsport pristatymas, April 2017

Spring flights, March 2017
Malūnsparnis ir sraigtasparnis

Award of Master of Sports in aerobatic flying , October 2016
   LASF apdovanojimai akrobatinio skraidymo sporto meistras A.Bezaras
During the anniversary event of Lithuanian Aerobatics Federation, President of Lithuanian Aero Club Gintaras Kalinauskas has awarded our Pilot-Intructor Aurimas Bezaras with certificate and badge of Master of Sports in aerobatic flying. Congratulations to our pilot!

Aerobatic competition at Aleksotas airfield, August 2016

Gyrocopter tour across Baltic countries, June 2016
Fun to fly autogyro Autogyro training in Latvia Gyrocopter tour to Saarema 

Cooperation with IAPGT (The International Association of Professional Gyroplane Training), May 2016
IAPGT susitikimas su Zmogus Paukštis, ULOPF ir LAK IAPGT in Lithuania
AurimasBezaras and Irma Janciukiene, instructors based in Rojunai Lithuania, took part in the 3-day induction module of the Instructor Standardization and Development Program run by The International Association of Professional Gyroplane Training (IAPGT). 

Part of this course included a complete cross reference between the current syllabus used for training in many of the Baltic and Arabic countries and the evolving International Standard Lesson Structure which is a core element of the process for the “One World, One Gyroplane Licence” ambition of the gyroplane community, led by the Association.

Phil Harwood, Chairman of IAPGT, who led this workshop said “we have spent 3 years working on an Internet based Gyropedia, that allows experienced instructors to collaborate on training standards and share ideas.  The Instructor Standardisation and Development Program facilities the ability for instructors to fly together to validate these ideas and standards, learn from each other and challenge existing and new methods of training.  Overall, the individual instructors develop, the Gyropedia develops and worldwide standardization and improvement to gyroplane safety develops”.

The next stage in the process for Aurimas and Irma isa three month development period where training records are entered into the Gyropedia in a format that can automatically be presented, not only in the syllabus format that is required for their own regulator, but also in the format for many of the other regulators around the world who are participating in the program. The IAPGT process is supported by a number of the major manufacturers around the world who use the Gyropedia as the backbone of their own Certification and Pilot Development Program.

New training season has started, April 2016

BIRDMANas - Žmogus paukštis - AutoGyro"s Service and Maintenance point, october 2015
AutoGyro Service and Technical maintenance Partner Lithuania
BIRDMANas - Zmogus paukstis is appointed as AutoGyro GmbH Maintenance Partner and new AutoGyro"s Service and Maintenance point is now located in Lithuania, Rojunai airfield.

Demo flight with smoke, august 2015
Gyrocopter with smoke Spin with gyrocopter Parodomasis skrydis malunsparniu 

Advanced gyrocopter pilot"s training course, july 2015

Auto Jazz 2015, Molėtai airfield, 13th June 2015m
 Auto Jazz 2015 Molėtų aerodrome  Malūsparnis ir sraigtasparnis

ADVENTUR 2015 - International tourism and activ leisures exhibition, 23rd -25th January 2015
Adventur 2015 Malunsparnis Calidus Adventur - Pazink Lietuva
The international tourism and active leisure exhibition ADVENTUR 2015 was held in Vilnius, from 23rd to 25th January.

Flight school "The Birdman" is happy to join IAPGT (The International Association of Professional Gyroplane Training), January 2015
IAPGT      Aurimas Bezaras and Phil Harwood 

Lithuanian team with gold and silver medals from Aerobatic Championship was welcomed in Vilnius, December 2014
  Lietuvos akrobatinio skraidymo rinktinė iš Pasaulio čempionato PAR parvežė auksą ir sidabrą

Lithuanian aerobatic team in FAI Intermediate and Yak-52 aerobatic Championships,Mossel Bay, South Africa 

Lithuania from the bird flight III, 2014
Malūnsparnių pilotų mokykla Žmogus paukštis Malūnsparnis Calidus Skrydis malūnsparniu

Lithuania from the bird flight II, 2014

Lithuania from the bird flight I, 2014

New autogyros Calidus & MTOsport in Lithuania, May 2014
Autogyro flight training center

Autogyro instructor"s safety courses in Moskow, February 2014
Malunsparniu instruktoriu kursai Malunsparniai Maskvoje

Auto-Gyro Partners from Russia, Lithuania and Latvia have shared experience in Auto-Gyro Instructor’s Flight Safety Course held in “AutoGyro Russland” aviacenter - Voskresensk Airfield  from 21st to 23rd February. Theoretical lecture and flight training methods were given by Aurimas Bezaras (Chief flight instructor, Flight school “The Birdman”). Improvement of autogyro pilot’s training syllabus and methods will follow shortly after this safety course. We thank Mr. Ruslan Ustinov for organization of this great event.

ADVENTUR 2014 - International tourism, leisure and sports exhibition, 24th -26th January 2014
Malunsparniu pilotu mokykla Atrask Lietuvą iš paukščio skrydžio Adventur 2014
From January 24th to 26th, the international tourism, leisure and sports exhibition ADVENTUR took place in Vilnius. It is a remarkable and cheerful holiday scenario, a three-day event, where everything will be dedicated to travelling, new experiences and joy of discoveries. AutoGyro "Calidus" and A.Repsys photo exhibition "Discover Lithuania from the bird flight" was represented at the trade show by Public Institution "The Birdman".