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Gyrocopter Flight Training School

 Gyrocopter Calidus in flight training school MTOsport training 
Gyrocopter pilot training - Flight school "The Birdman" we trainto fly autogyro , autogiro, giroplane, gyroplane, girocopter, gyrocopter
Flight training school "The Birdman" (Žmogus paukštis, VŠĮ) can offer you:
- introductory flight on gyrocopter Calidus or MTOsport,
- gyrocopter flight instruction and theory course (for pilot license);
- training for gyrocopter instructor"s qualification;
- retraining to other type of gyrocopter.
- Additional services - autogyros (gyroplanes or gyrocopters) for sale, used autogyros for sale, distribution of AutoGyro GMBH: MTOsport, Calidus, Cavalon autogyros, technical maintenance, support, inspection, supply of spare parts, balancing of rotor.

We specialise in intensive courses under individual schedule, with maximum achievement in the minimum time. We offer intensive 5-7 days training courses. You can expect to fly an average of two and a half to three hours each day. Training courses are available in English, Lithuanian, or Russian languages. Accommodation available at the airfield.
The training syllabus is approved by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) of Lithuania. 

Training program for autogyro pilot is including: 
- Theoretical course, groung school (63 hours);
- Practical flight training (26 hours);

The training syllabus is approved by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) of Lithuania. 

Training program for autogyro pilot is including: 
- Theoretical course, groung school (63 hours);
- Practical flight training (26 hours);

Theoretical course:
Theoretical course is part of the autogyro"s pilot program. It"s including following fields:
- Air law;
- Meteorology;
- General knoveledge of aircraft, aircraft flight manual and technical specifications;
- Navigation;
- Aerodynamics;
- Radio communication;
- Human abilities and restrictions;
- Flight procedures;
- General flight safety.

Flight training:
For practical training we use two-seat school autogyro Calidus or MTOsport .
Flight training can be also conducted on student"s gyrocopters: MT-03, MTO-sport, Calidus, Cavalon.

Flight training program includes:
- Takeoff, circling and landing trainings; 
- Zero airspeed descent;
- Selection of the landing field from air and safe landing;
- Training for emengency landings;
- Non-instrument flights;
- Solo flights;
- Navigation flights with instructor and solo;

Pilots examination: 
A pilot is allowed to pass the examination after completion of theoretical and practical training.

Theoretical part:
Examination of theoretical part may be passed at any time during the preparation, within the scope of theoretical preparation for ULA pilots. 
Execution requirement is 75% of correct answers.

Practical part:
When you will prove your instructor that you are competent to fly as pilot in command you will be submitted for a General Flying Test with an examiner.
Practical examination must be passed after being a success in theory examination and consists of at least three flights of 45 minutes. 

Pilot licence:
After completion of training program and succesfull pass of theoretical exams and general flying test, student obtains Ultralight aircraft - autogyro pilot licence, issued by ultalight aircraft pilot federation of Lithuania, in accordance with the standards of FAI and ICAO.
Licence is vadid 5 years and may be extended if during last 12 months pilot flew at least 5 hours.

Medical certificate requirements: 
Autogyro pilot must have valid medical certificate and comply with the medical standard of car driver or medical certificate of flight crew. 

Reduced training program for pilot licence holders:
For holders of valid PPL, CPL, ATPL military and motoglider pilot"s licenses, training course may be reduced to minimum of 14 hours of practical flights and 20 hours of theory.
For holders of valid glider pilot"s licence, training course may be reduced to minimum of 20 hours of practical flights and 30 hours of theory.
For holders of valid moto-delta licence, only theoretical course may be reduced to minimum of 30 hours. 

Volume of the reduced program for every applicant must be determined by the pilot-instructor with reference to the applicant’s knowledge and skills. 

Retraining to other type of autogyro: 
A pilot having valid autogyro pilot license and at least 50 hours of flight experience as an autogyro captain may be admitted for retraining.

The program for retraining to other type of autogyro requires minimum duration of training - at least 2:15 flight hours.
Actual time necessary for retraining must be determined by the instructor.

Autogyro instructor"s qualification:
Requirements for the candidate:
- Minimum 18 years of age;
- Minimum 300 flight hours experience, including 200 flight hours as pilot in command in two-seat autogyro.

Theoretical course program - 12 hours, flight training program - minimum 6:20 hours. 

Place of flight training school and accomodation:  
 Theory courses and flight training under individual schedule can be held:
- In Lithuania, at Rojūnai airfield (EYRO). Flight school students can be accomodated in guest houses for a special price;  

Detailed information:
Tel. +370 620 21777
Skype: irmajjjj